Rebuild the Temple Seminar

3/11/2009 2:31:46 PM
Posted By: Amanda Smith

Two Saturday Sessions, March 14 & 21 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

This class is about changing your life for God, as our spiritual health is closely tied to our physical health. A Wellness Class presented by: Dr. Michael Wegmann, Certified Maximum Living Coach and Gwen Manthei, Certified Health Counselor. Participants will learn:
Eating Gods Way
How to lose weight without dieting
How to never feel tired again

If youre 15 pounds or more overweight, your attendance is important!

The Bible refers to our bodies as the temples where Gods Holy Spirit dwells. If God dwells in us, it challenges us to want to take in only those things that will inspire us to more Godly lives. This not only applies to what we see and read and hear, but what we eat and it also challenges us to want to properly exercise our bodies. Why - because our health and fitness is tied to our sense of well-being, affecting our attitudes and performance. This seminar is about changing your life for God as our spiritual health is closely tied to our physical health.

We are offering a great opportunity to be inspired to seek better wellness on two Saturdays, March 14 & 21 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day. This six hours of instruction will cover eating Gods way, how to lose weight without dieting, and how to never feel tired again. Anyone who is fifteen or more pounds overweight will want to take this class. Additionally, anyone who wants to make sure you are eating healthy foods and not toxic substances will want to come. Participants will learn about many unhealthy developments in the food industry and which foods to avoid. It does take a lot of education and effort to eat properly, but the results will be worth the effort. Not only is our eating tied to our weight, but our overall physical health. Many of our current medical problems in our society are tied not only to obesity, but to the chemicals foods are prepared with and to our over consumption of sugars and refined flour products.

This seminar will both be inspirational and very informative. The presenters are both certified health counselors. Dr. Michael Wegmann is a local chiropractor who has made health and nutrition his passion in life. He is a certified Maximum Living Coach. His co-presenter, Gwen Manthei is also a Certified Health Counselor, recently completing an extensive nutrition course in New York City.

There is no charge for these classes. If you can, call ahead and let us know that you are coming, so that we can better plan materials for the class. We will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall at Stutsmanville Chapel come in through the west entry.